Technical Events

1) Mindstorm

The Department of Artificial Intelligence & Data Science organized ‘Mindstorm 2023’. It is a PBL (Project Based Learning) Poster and Project Exhibition event. This event served as a platform for students to showcase their PBL (Project Based Learning) projects in the fields of Machine Learning, Data Analytics and Visualization, Web Development, and Internet of Things (IoT)..


2) Bootcamp

Department of Artificial Intelligence & Data Science, MMCOE, Pune organized “Python Bootcamp” on 26/02/2024. 


AESA, S4DS and NEURA jointly organized a Python bootcamp tailored for second-year and third-year students. The bootcamp offered basic Python training for second-year students and advanced topics for third-years. Additionally, a one-hour coding competition challenged participants from both years, with one winner selected from each. This event provided students with a valuable opportunity to enhance their skills and showcase their programming abilities.


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