Sr. No.

Name of Laboratory

Major Equipments


Computer Lab

Computers, D-Link switches 24 ports, 6 KVA UPS


Basic Electrical Engineering Lab

 D.G. set


Automation & Control Lab

Allen Bradley PLC trainer Kit, Integrated control panel, SCADA runtime software Factory Talkview, SCADA Development Software Factory Talkview Studio


Power Electronics Lab

3 Phase converter and Inverter kits, Kits for various analog and digital electronic equipment, Dual Regulated power supply, CRO, Arduino kits


Electrical Machines Lab

3 Phase Induction Motor, DC series and shunt Motor, DC shunt motor coupled to a synchrous generator, Alternator


High Voltage Lab

Sphere gap assembly unit, Motorized Oil testing transformer, High voltage AC transformer


Power System Lab

Transmission line model, Capacitor bank for VAR Compensation, synchronous motor, alternator, Infrared sensor, Digital earth resistance measurement meter, Digital insulation resistance measurement meter.


Electrical Measurement And Control Lab

Liquid level measurement Kit, Anderson Bridge, Kelvin's Double Bridge, Servo motor, PID temperature controller system, Two tank system model, DC position control, DSO, Dual trace and Tetra trace Arbitrary function generator, Thermal Imager

Marathwada Mitra Mandal's College of Engineering

Survey No. 18, Plot No. 5/3, Near Vandevi Temple, Karvenagar, Pune 411052.

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