Research Projects

Sr.No.Faculty Name Project Title
1 Dr. Naim Shaikh To Develop and Evaluate E-Governance based 360 degree Faculty Apprraisal System with special reference to Management Institute in Pune
2 Dr. Sneha Kumari Exploration and Development of a Sustainable Industrial Ecosystem Model with special reference to Sugar Industry
3 Prof. Abhijit Vhatkar A Study of Digital Marketing With Reference to Management Institutes In Pune District
4 Prof. Rahul Jagtap A critical evaluation of gap analysis of employability skills required by industry and offered by Pune city Engineering colleges affiliated to Savitribai Phule Pune University

Dr. Naim Shaikh

& Dr. Sneha Kumari

To study the impact of Internet of Things (IoT) on Higher Education with Special reference to colleges in Pune
Sr.No.Faculty NameProject Title
1 Dr. S. M. Chaware Information retrieval In Multilingual System
2 Mrs. H. K. Khanuja Design and development of effective tool for database forensics through evidence Preservation
3 Mrs. S. N. Shekapure Case Based Reasoning Approach for Intelligent and Personalized E-learning
4 Mrs. A. V. Shinde Contextual Content-Centric Social Network Based recommandation System
5 Mrs. S. S. Shiravale Text detection from natural scene images
6 Mrs. G. R. Chillarge Security in MANET
7 Mrs. P. K. Dhule Improving activities through context inferences using big data analytics
8 Mrs. A. A. Shaikh Intrusion Detection system using Machine learning for cloud computing
9 Dr. S. M. Chaware,Mrs. P. K. Dhule,Mrs. A. V. Shinde Streaming Big Data Analytics Using GPU
10 Dr. S. M. Chaware Smart Monitoring & Road Traffic withAir & Noise Pollution Control
11 Ms. S.D. Sapkal,Mrs. G. R. Chillarge,Ms. P.M.Mehta Smart Cultivation Prediction System for Agriculture.
Sr.No.Faculty Name Project Title


Dr. R. J. Yadav

Experimental and numerical analysis of heat transfer in tube on laminar convective heat transfer of magnetic nano fluid along with the different combination of tape insets.(Ongoing)


Dr. V. R. Deulgaonkar

Design and Development of Rugged Structure Integrated with Vehicle Chassis Subjected to Travel on Rough Road and for Peculiar load conditions. (Completed)


Dr. V. W. Bhatkar

1) Design, Development and Performance Evaluation of Refrigeration System with Micro Channel Condenser Using Alternative Refrigerants.

2) Design, Development and Performance of Vapour Compression Refrigeration System with and without microchannel Condenser.(Completed)

3) Performance Evaluation of Refrigeration System with Minichannel Condenser using R152a (Completed)


Prof. A. B. Gholap

A condition based maintenance through ferrographic and vibration signature analysis

Sr.No.Faculty NameProject Title
1 Dr. M. T. Jadhav Image Processing
2 Ms. A. M. Solanki Medical Imaging
3 Ms. A. A. Kunte Microwave Engineering
4 Ms. M. A. Dudhedia Wireless Communication
5 Ms. S. N. Deshmukh Medical Imaging
Sr.No.Faculty Name Project Title
1 Dr. V.N.Gohokar Reconfiguration of Distribution Network for Efficient Managment of System
2 Dr. M.R.Tarambale A Computer Assisted Detection Methode for Lung Nodule from Digital Images using Intelligent System 
Sr.No.Faculty Name Project Title
1 Dr. V. S. Bidve Coupling Measurement in Object-Oriented Systems and its Impact on software Quality
2 Ms. S. A. Kakad Semantic interoperability in IOT
3 Prof. S. S. Gonge Performance Enhancement of Digital Watermarking Techniques For Security of Still Images

Departmental projects funded by DST - FIST, UGC, DBT, ICSSR, BCUD

Sr. No.Name of the facultyProject Title

Dr. A. S. Sawaikar

& Dr. V. A. Dhumale

Synthesis and investigation of the structural and Antibacterial Properties of metal Nanoparticles

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