Learning Outcomes

Learning Outcomes

Programme Outcomes (POs)

  • Apply knowledge of management theories and practices to solve business problems.
  • Foster Analytical and critical thinking abilities for data-based decision making.
  • Ability to develop Value based Leadership ability.
  • Ability to understand, analyze and communicate global, economic, legal, and ethical aspects of business.
  • Ability to lead themselves and others in the achievement of organizational goals, contributing effectively to a team environment
  • To develop the knowledge, skills and attitude of the student which helps them to support & enhance their entrepreneurial ability.

Programme Specific Outcomes (PSOs)

Financial Management

  • To employ financial models and tools through data based decision making for managing organizational growth.
  • To apply accounting skills for wealth creation and maximization for their entrepreneurial venture

Marketing Management

  • To employ business strategies and marketing theories through creative idea implementation for giving a competitive edge to the organization
  • To imply the current knowledge of marketing for achieving strategic objectives through understanding current trends and market scenarios.

Human Resource Management

  • To employ interpersonal skills and various Human Resource theories in order to achieve best Human Resource practices.
  • To implement various Human Resource laws and welfare practices for betterment of employees for sustainable growth of organization

Information technology

  • To implement various Information and Communication Technologies thereby enhancing skills in e-business sector for achieving growth

Operations Management

  • To be able to work in an integrative business project through the application of multidisciplinary knowledge comprising of operations and supply chain management.


Course Outcomes (COs)

First Year MBA

Course code and Name: 101: Accounting For Business Decisions


To understand the basic concepts of financial accounting, cost accounting and management accounting.


To know various tools from accounting and cost accounting this would facilitate the decision making.


To develop analytical abilities to face the business situations.

Course Code and Name: 102: Economic Analysis for Business Decisions


To equip the students of management with time tested tools and techniques of managerial economics to enable them to appreciate its relevance in decision making.


To explore the economics of information and network industries and to equip students with an understanding of how economics affect the business strategy of companies in these industries.


To develop economic way of thinking in dealing with practical business problems and challenges.

Course code and Name: 103: Legal Aspects of Business


To acquaint students with general business law issues to help become more informed, sensitive and effective business leaders.


To provide the students with an understanding of fundamental legal issues pertaining to the business world to enhance their ability to manage businesses effectively.

Course code and Name: 104: Business Research Methods


To understand the concept and process of business research in business environment.


To know the use of tools and techniques for exploratory, conclusive and causal research.


To understand the concept of measurement in empirical systems.


To use statistical techniques for analysis of research data.

Course Code and Name: 105: Organizational Behaviour


To gain a solid understanding of human behaviour in the workplace from an individual, group, and organizational perspective.


To obtain frameworks and tools to effectively analyse and approach various Organizational situations.


To reflect upon your own beliefs, assumptions, and behaviours with respect to how individuals, groups, and organization

Course Code and Name: 106: Basics of Marketing


To introduce marketing as a business function and a philosophy


To emphasize importance of understanding external environment in marketing decision making


To expose students to a systematic frame work of marketing &implementations and to highlight need for different marketing approaches for services, goods, and for household consumers, organizational buyers.

Course Code and Name: 108: Business Communication Lab


To acquaint the students with fundamentals of communication and help them to transform their communication abilities.


To help the students to acquire some of the necessary skills to handle day-to-day managerial responsibilities, such as - making speeches, controlling one-to-one communication, enriching group activities and processes, giving effective presentations, writing letters, memos, minutes, reports and advertising, and maintaining one’s poise in private and in public.


To build the students’ confidence and to enhance competitiveness by projecting a positive image of themselves and of their future.

Course code and Name :109: MS Excel and Advanced Excel Lab


To familiarize Students with basic to intermediate skills for using Excel in the classroom vis-à-vis Business Applications


To provide students hands on experience on MS Excel Utilities


To gain proficiency in creating solutions for Data Management and Reporting

Course Code and Name: 113: Personality Development Lab


To develop an orientation towards business etiquettes and the proper etiquette practices for different business scenarios.


To learn the etiquette requirements for meetings, entertaining, telephone, and Internet business interaction scenarios.


To minimize nervousness while in social situations.

Course Code and Name: 115: Enterprise Analysis - Desk Research


To acquaint students with basic aspects of an Enterprise.


To guide the students in analyzing an Enterprise w.r.t a set of basic parameters.


To help the students assimilate basic jargon and its meaning w.r.t. Enterprise Analysis.

Second Year MBA

Course code and Name: 201: Marketing Management


To introduce the concept of Marketing Mix as a framework for Marketing Decision making.


To emphasize the need, importance and process of Marketing Planning and Control.


To sensitize the students to the dynamic nature of Marketing Function.

Course code and Name: 202: Financial Management


To understand various concepts related to financial management.


To study in detail, various tools and techniques in the area of finance.


To develop the analytical skills this would facilitate the decision making in Business situations.

Course code and Name: 203: Human Resource Management


To understand the role of HRM in an organization


To learn to gain competitive advantage through people


To learn to study and design HRM system

Course code and Name: 204: Decision Science


To understand role of quantitative techniques in managerial decision making.


To understand process of decision problem formulation.


To understand applications of various quantitative techniques in managerial settings.

Course code and Name: 205: Operations and Supply Chain Management


To develop an understanding of the strategic importance of Operations & SCM and how it can provide a competitive advantage in the marketplace


To understand the relationship between Operations & SCM and other business functions, such as Marketing, Finance, Accounting, and Human Resources.


To develop knowledge of the issues related to designing and managing Operations & SCM and the techniques to do so.

Course code and Name: 206: Management Information Systems


To develop conceptual understanding about latest developments in the field of Information Technology and the impact of I.T. in managing a business


To learn to use Information Technology to gain competitive advantage in business


To learn from, with a view to emulate, entrepreneurial ventures in e-Commerce and m-Commerce

Course Code and Name: 207: Emotional Intelligence and Managerial Effectiveness Lab


To equip students with individual and group learning methods


To understand intelligence and develop emotional competence


To develop understanding and competence for personal and managerial effectiveness.

Course Code and Name: 208: Statistical Software Lab


To give an overview of the capabilities of popular statistical software packages.


To train students in handling data files and carry out basics statistical analysis.


To give hands on experience about basic hypothesis testing using t tests, Chi Square tests and ANOVA.


To train students in using advanced tools such as regressions, MDS, Factor Analysis etc.

Course Code and Name: 210: Life Skills


To encourage students to develop and use balanced self-determined Behavior.


To help students in enhancing self, increasing life satisfaction and Improving relationships with others.


To develop new ability to practice new problem solving skills in group and use these skills in personal life.

Course code and Name: 215: Industry Analysis - Desk Research


To help the students understand the dynamics of a specific industry.


To acquaint students with various issues particular to an industry.


To provide a cross-functional perspective of the functioning of a business enterprise and andindustry

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