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Faculty Publications

Faculty Publication Academic year 2023-24:

  • Reddy, NV Rajasekhar, et al. "Enhancing Skin Cancer DetectionThrough an AI-Powered Framework by Integrating African Vulture Optimization with GAN-based Bi-LSTM Architecture." International Journal of Advanced Computer Science and Applications 14.9 (2023).
  • Chitre, Abhijit V., et al. "Artificial intelligence-based classification performance evaluation in monophonic and polyphonic indian classical instruments recognition with hybrid domain features amalgamation." 2023
  • Deshmukh, A. A. ., Wanjale, K. ., Jadhav, T. A. ., Khankal, D. V. , Diwate, A. D. ., & Athawale, S. V. . (2023). Multi-Class Skin Diseases Classification Using Hybrid Deep Convolutional Neural Network. International Journal of Intelligent Systems and Applications in Engineering, 11(10s), 11–22. Retrieved from https://ijisae.org/index.php/IJISAE/article/view/3230
  • Dr. Shyamsunder P. Kosbatwar, Dr. Aradhana A. Deshmukh, Prof.Manisha R. Patil, Prof.Shrikant A.Shinde, Prof.Priyanka N. Savadekar “Personalised Database Access control with AI: Enhancing security and usabilty ”Journal of Data Acquisition and Processing, 2023


Faculty Publication Academic year 2021-22:


  • Aradhana A. Deshmukh, Albena Mihovska , Ramjee Prasad, “Anatomization and Perception of Mental Disorder Because Usage of Online Social Network Data”, International Symposium on 5G & Beyond for Rural Upliftment 202 , BIT, SINDRI, PP 152-160, February 2021
  • Dr. Shyamsunder Kosbatwar,  Dr. Aradhana Deshmukh, Prof. Manisha Patil, Mr. Shrikant A. Shinde, Prof. Priyanka Savadekar, " Personalized Database access control with AI :: Enhancing security & usability,Journal of Data Acquisition & Processing, ISSN :: 1004-9037.

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