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Dr. Mrunal Deshpande

Professor & Head of Department 
Department of Electrical Engineering
 National Board of Accreditation- Electrical Engineering    


The Electrical Engineering branch was introduced in 2013-14 at MMCOE, Karvenagar; Pune – 52. Electrical Engineering is the heart of a whole engineering discipline and therefore its scope in terms knowledge and job prospects is ever demanding. Electrical Engineers are instrumental in advancement of our society by designing and analyzing systems related to electricity, electronics and electro-magnetism. Their contributions shape the recent development in design of computers, microelectronics, integrated circuits, communication systems, medical equipment, and many other forms of technology as well. Electrical Engineer contributes to virtually every product or the manufacturing process.

An education in Electrical Engineering develops problem-solving and communication skills that are crucial for success in today’s complex globalized society. Moreover, an Electrical Engineering graduate is well prepared for a versatile set of rewarding and challenging professional options.

To prepare the students to meet their career objectives, the Electrical Engineering curriculum is composed of two stages of education. During the first two years, emphasis is placed upon establishing competence in Mathematics, Basic Sciences, Engineering Sciences, and fundamental Electrical and Computer Engineering topics. During the third and fourth years, the student concentrates on more advanced Electrical Engineering subjects i.e. Electronics, Control System, Instrumentation, Power System-Generation, Transmission, Distribution, System Designing etc.

The student of this branch has good opportunities after graduation to enter into IT companies, core branch companies, Mechanical industries, Government undertaking sectors etc.

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Final Year

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2022-2023 100
2021-2022 100
2020-2021 100
2019-2020 100

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